Henna Lee (xhymn) wrote in tidusawards,
Henna Lee

Challenge 010: Submission Example Icon

For this challenge, you are to make a "Submission Example Icon".
You have creative freedom, just as long as you put "Tidus Awards" somewhere on the icon.

01. You must be a logged in member to submit.
02. Your icon(s) must meet the livejournal requirements, i.e. 100x100 and 40kb.
03. You are not allowed to take someone's icon(s) and try to submit them as your own.
04. You are not allowed to post your submissions anywhere until the challenge is over.
05. You are allowed to use images from games outside of X and X-2, just as long as Tidus makes an appearance.
06. Textures, brushes, ect. are allowed.
07. Icons must be fresh, and made for the challenge only.
08. You're allowed to submit up to 3 icons for each challenge.

When submitting your icon(s), please submit them in this format:


Icons are due: Saturday, March 13th.
You are allowed to submit up until the voting post.
Tags: #submission, challenge 010
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